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Located on the main Salmon River nine miles North of Riggins, Idaho

Lucile Guest House

208 Old Highway 95       Lucile, Idaho    83542        Phone:   (208) 628-3254        Email:

Lucile Guest House

We will do our best to keep this newsletter up to date, but it is hard to do a lot of computer work here with so many nice days.

Water flows - What does that mean?

The Main Salmon River flow is measured at various places throughout the 425 mile path it takes to get to the Snake River confluence.  We use the readings taken at White Bird, Idaho, just 17 miles north of Lucile.  The flow is measured in cubic feet of water going by in one second.  The average flow from November to March will run about 3,200 CFS.  The high water can get as much as 110,000 CFS plus in the major runoff.  The high water dates change every year depending on temperature, snow pack and sudden turns from cooler to warmer weather.

This year the high water was around 90,000 CFS.

Steelhead are now in the water!

As the River Flows Newsletter

Time in Lucile…

Lucile is technically located in the Pacific time zone.  However, like the US Post Office, most of us go by Riggins time which is in the Mountain time zone. The Time Zone bridge on Highway 95 is at the north edge of Riggins.  It is always a good idea to ask people in Lucile what time zone they go by.  Not everyone uses the Mountain time.


Another busy summer…..

Lots of activities were going on with rafting almost every weekend and numerous guest .  Hot Summer Nights were held in the Riggins park again.  It has been held now for over 20 years.

We spent a lot of time on the water

June 1st 2019  Big Water Blowout  River Festival    Salmon River Jet Boat Races  April 19 - 21, 2019

See our Availability page for openings.  You can make your reservation now.